TischPDX Cohort #2 (5780) Application
Hello and thank you for your interest in TischPDX. Entering our second year, TischPDX is a 10 month ( with option to extend to 16 month) incubator for emerging Jewish leaders on Portland's east side. We offer varied support to Jewish organizers in Portland Oregon who are unaffiliated with the established Jewish community, and who have demonstrated leadership capacity in bringing together other unaffiliated Jews. Interested applicants must demonstrate a basic familiarity with TischPDX; information is available at http://tischpdx.org/

TischPDX support includes a resources for learning and organizing as well as access to experts in communication, popular organizing, self-growth, group dynamics, and legal support. Participation in a TischPDX cohort can help an organizer overcome the challenges of sustained work, helping a new idea to thrive, sustaining the leader as well as those brought together in meaningful community.

Anyone who is in their first 3 years of engaging other Jews in Jewish programming, events, and/or activities on Portland's east side is invited to apply for this 18 month fellowship. In addition to Torah study and related Jewish education, leadership training, and mentoring, TischPDX amitim (fellows) receive a stipend for their participation. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions about whether you qualify for this program, please email the program coordinator, Eleyna Fugman eleyna@tischpdx.org

Deadline to apply is July 12, 2019 at 6pm. New fellows will he notified of their acceptance by Aug 1 and Shabbat gatherings begin in September.
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