NEO Survey for SSS
The following survey is designed to help us determine the eligibility of NEO A&M college students for support services funded by federal grants. Your answers will be used to compile statistics about NEO students as a whole, not for any individual student. We will keep the surveys confidential. By answering the questions you are giving permission to use the information, but only the combined results will be reported.
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Hispanic or Latino *
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Have your parents (natural or adoptive) received a bachelor's (4 year) degree or higher? *
Which parent (natural or adoptive) did you regularly reside with and receive support from during your childhood (i.e. until you were 18 years old)? *
Indicate the number of people in your family household including yourself: *
Current School Level *
Hours enrolled for this semester? *
Highest degree you plan to receive? *
Do you have a college major besides General Studies? *
Have you ever dropped or stopped out of college for at least one semester? *
If you answered yes to dropping or stopping out of college, what was the reason?
If you selected other, please specify below.
Please check all that apply to you.
Are you receiving financial aid at NEO? *
If you are receiving financial aid, please check all that apply.
Did you find the process for applying for financial aid confusing? *
If you are not receiving financial aid, what is/are the reason(s)?
If other was checked above, please specify why.
Check all of the boxes that apply to describe your experience at NEO.
Rate the following to describe how often you have or expect to use the following services at NEO.
1 - Never
2 - Sometimes
3 - Often
Academic Advisors
Career Planning
English or Math Lab
Financial Aid
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How many cultural events (i.e. plays, concerts, museums,etc.) have you or do you expect to attend at NEO?
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Do you have internet access at home (not including a Smart phone)? *
Are you employed? *
If you are employed, how many hours per week do you work? *
Are you a parent? *
If yes, how many children reside in the household and are receiving support from you?
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Are you a single parent? *
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Student Support Services is 100% federally-funded.
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Student Support Services is 100% federally-funded at a cost of $300,977.00 and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or other protected category, in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This provision includes, but is not limited to, admissions, employment, financial aid, and educational services.
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