2019 Scavenger Hunt
Fill in the Scavenger Hunt word for all 48 Cairo Bears and win 1 FREE Raffle ticket for a chance to WIN our Raffle Bear, "Bear Country Autumn" by Ellen Levinson. Find Ambassador Bear in Catskill and win a 2nd raffle ticket! One entry per person. Must be 18 or over to enter raffle drawing.
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1 Bootleg Bear by Mook Rulz
2 Country Living by Ray Sperzel
3 Never Forget - 9-11 by Rockabilly Tattoo Studio
4 BEARnard by Karen Robinson and Christie Hicks
5 Cherry Blossom Maiden by Kae McGrath
6 Olympic Bear by Eleanor Rowe Gentilini
8 Rainbow Garden Cat - Catskill Ambassador Cat by Holly Huzar
7 Seamus O'Bear by Carol Mambert Serazio
9 Flower Power by Holly Huzar
10 Bear Country Autumn - Raffle Bear by Ellen Levinson
11 Bearly Winter by Jennifer L DeAngelis
12 Color Me Bear by Sherry B True
13 Sticks and Stones by Kayla L Warner
14 ShakesBEARe by Nancy Whelan
15 Fire Eater by Mook Rulz
16 Bearnice the LiBEARian by Ellen Levinson
17 Save The Girls by Stacey MacIsaac
18 Bear Love by Cherie Bland
19 Billet Bear by Carol Lernihan
20 Autumn by Beth Philips
21 River Relics by Heather L Martin
22 That 70s Bear by Liana Lekocevic
23 Blackie by Regina Andrus Kazman
24 Honey Spirts Bear by Theresa Rowe Obert
25 Brother Benedict by Theresa Rowe Obert
26 Poppy Field by Emma E. Heartquist
27 ScareBear by Shanieka Carr
28 Morning Coffee by Ray Sperzel
29 Park Ranger by Karen Robinson and Christie Hicks
30 Old Iron by Ray Sperzel
31 Rainbow by Emma & Adeline Heartquist
32 The Juggling Unicyclist by P.A. Morrow
33 UniBEAR by Mercedes Margaret Ballou
34 Flower Child by Ellen Levinson
35 Farm Grown by Cherie Bland
36 Legs Diamond by Priscilla Shaw
37 Color Wheel by Brian Bolde
38 Johnny Rocket by Theresa Rowe Obert
39 BEARvarian by Carol Mambert Serazio
40 Brewin' Bavarian by Theresa Rowe Obert
41 Mayor Dapper Dan by Jesse Bidwell
42 Tropical Frog Rainforest by Sherry B True
43 Honey Bear by Ellen Levinson
44 El Sol Y La Luna by Isabel Martinez
45 Bear in the Henhouse by Christie Hicks
46 Independence by Cherie Bland
47 Willow Bear by Jesse Bidwell
48 Nature Calls by National Art Honor Society - Cairo-Durham High School
49 Bedtime Bear by Lisa de Jesus
50 BONUS - Sleepy Rip Van Winkle by Jesse Bidwell - Located in Catskill
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