Senior Discussion Survey
Miss Emma and Miss Mandi want this class to be tailored you your needs and questions. We want this to be YOUR CLASS and for you to have a say in what topics we cover. Your responses to these questions will be completely anonymous.
Are you interested in participating in Sunday School this year? *
Which of the days below would work best for you? *
What are your thoughts and feelings about this year in general?
What have you been doing during this time of the pandemic to connect with God?
What questions have been on your mind that you would like to have answered?
What charities are you interested in helping out or what types of projects would you like to do to help others? (Write letters to the sick and or elderly, help the homeless, animal shelters, etc.) Think as big or small as you'd like. I worked with a teach who's class built a well in Darfur, we can do anything we set our minds to! We can even ask for help from the younger classes where you come up with a project to work on and they help with some of the smaller details (grade appropriate).
Are there any aspects of the faith that you would like us to have a discussion or debate about?
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