Fallingblox Designs/BuildingBlox Survey
About a year ago, I put out a survey about a series of virtual workshops I planned on teaching. I used the results of that survey to build a series of mailing lists so I could keep people informed about upcoming workshops according to their interests. Now that everyone has had a year to grow their skills, I'd like to learn more about your desired next steps (and give a new group of people a chance to participate this way).

The first page is to gauge interest in my virtual "BuildingBlox" workshops; the second is about my other projects.

Alasdair Post-Quinn
Fallingblox Designs
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Virtual Workshop Interest and Availability
Please note that the main purpose of this section is so that I can build a new set of mailing lists to keep you informed about events you may be interested in. If you still want your preferences recorded but would prefer to find out about my workshops "organically" (i.e. through my main mailing list, blog, or Facebook page), please answer "no" to the final question on this page.

Addition to a mailing list does not constitute an enrollment in a virtual workshop, nor does it require you to enroll in a workshop. Please make sure to add "doubleknitting@gmail.com" and "fallingblox@double-knitting.com" to your address book to ensure emails do not end up in your spam/junk folders.
What are your feelings in general about virtual workshops? (check all that apply)
Which of my workshop(s) might you be interested in taking online?
Please visit https://double-knitting.com/learn/ for more info on the individual workshops. All workshops are 3 hours long unless indicated otherwise, and can be enrolled in for a sliding-scale fee.
I have a handful of workshops in the works but not yet ready to teach. If there's sufficient interest, I might add some new workshops to my repertoire sooner rather than later. Let me know if any of these interest you, or if there's something else you'd like me to teach that hasn't been covered yet.
Responses to these will not be used to generate mailing lists unless and until the workshop is actually scheduled.
I also teach some multi-session workshops which are more difficult to schedule, running as they do over multiple days, sometimes on adjacent weekends. Please let me know if any of these might interest you, or if you have any suggestions of other workshops you'd like to see me teach in this format.
Responses to these will not be used to generate mailing lists unless and until the workshop is actually scheduled.
What is your current availability? Times are in EST/EDT (check all you can attend)
Use an "average" week to answer this section. I am asking this only to make sure I'm scheduling at appropriate times for the majority of students.
Morning (9am-12pm)
Afternoon (2pm-5pm)
Evening (6pm-9pm)
Alasdair Post-Quinn/Fallingblox Designs has permission to add me to workshop-specific email list(s) so that I will be among the first to find out when a workshop I have expressed interest in is available. This does not constitute an enrollment in or an agreement to take any particular workshop. I will not be added to Alasdair's main mailing list unless I opt-in to that separately. *
If you didn't answer questions on this page, please click "no" and move on to the next page.
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