Application to Participate in the Migrating Sparrow Program
Hello and thank you for showing interest in the Sparrow Migration Program. Our Sparrow is eager to go on an adventure of epic proportions! This program is designed to allow the participants to spend two weeks with a wheel, to take her on an adventure, and send her onto her next destination. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and take her on a special outing. Your responsibility is to make a journal entry explaining what you did and what your experiences were. This includes taking pictures and printing them with the supplied Bluetooth portable printer. Those pictures should be included in the journal. You are only responsible for paying for and shipping the wheel to the next user. You will not be charged for the wheel being shipped to you. You will also need to spin 5gm of fiber on a community bobbin (fiber must be 100% sheep wool, dye and color of your choice) A braid will be sent with the wheel if you choose to spin it then you are responsible for replacing it with a braid of your choice (100% sheep wool).
Included with Sparrow will be a scrapbook journal, a community bobbin, a portable bluetooth printer, and a 4 oz braid.

Packing List

4 bobbins
Speed Controller
1 battery pack(within the US only)
1 wall plug
Scrapbook Journal
1 4 oz braid
Portable Ivy printer plus paper
Handmade bag by Pricisilla

Scrapbook Journal
We’ve included a journal for you to write about your experiences, what you worked on, and about where you and this wheel adventured to. There is also a portable Bluetooth printer that will allow you to print off your favorite photos to include in your journal page. Feel free to read what others have written in the book before you. When this book has been filled we’ll display this in the Daedalus booth at festivals for everyone to enjoy the journey.

Community Bobbin
There is one bobbin which will already have some yarn on it. This is the Community bobbin. Each person this wheel journeys to will spin 5 grams of fiber that is 100% Sheep Wool (your choice as to color and sheep breed) onto this bobbin. Please record what fiber and Dyer you used for your 5gm in the provided journal. When the bobbin is full it’ll be sent to Evanita to be chain plied with photos revealing what everyone has spun on it. The finished skein will be displayed in the Daedalus booth at festivals. A braid will be in the bag if you choose to spin this braid please replace it with another.

You will be contacted if you are chosen to house the sparrow for 2 Weeks.

Your Responsibilities

Have a blast spinning with Sparrow.

Take her out on an adventure!

Spin 5 grams of fiber on the Community Bobbin.

Photograph your time together and print your top 5 favorite photos.

Write an entry in the journal about your time spent with Sparrow and add your photos to your entry. The photo paper is a sticker!

If you spin the braid included with the wheel you must replace it with a braid of your choice.

Whatever you spin is yours with the exception of what is spun on the Community Bobbin.

Send us your favorite full resolution photos which will be shared in a variety of ways including the possibility for social media, featured in tinyStudio Magazine, and other promotional type content.

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