MIND OF MINE by C.F.E. Black Book Tour
We're organizing a Book Tour for MIND OF MINE by C.F.E. Black. This is in the Young Adult SciFi genre.

Content Warnings: None

The tour will launch on August 26th, with tour stops the 26th - 30th, and a Grand Finale on the 31st. Stops will include a mix of reviews and excerpts.

Review copies in print (US only - must have an active blog and have a large following as copies are very limited) and ebook.

You must be a blogger (or have a public account on Instagram or Facebook) to be on this tour and signing up does not guarantee you a spot. Your spot is confirmed when we send you the tour schedule.

Posts do not have to be top of the day, but we do appreciate when they are. :)


V is a genius. She also frequently forgets her own name. Raised to put science over self, V must link her brain with fifteen other people, making her one of the world’s smartest humans. With this privilege comes a life dedicated to continual research inside a secluded facility, a life devoid of freedom. But she is losing her identity, unable to predict which face will peer back at her from the nearest mirror. Escaping this life will mean freedom to think for herself, but it will mean abandoning everything she’s ever known, ever loved. V and her friends must discover who they are when no one is meddling with their minds.

Any questions? Contact Tressa at prismbooktours@gmail.com.

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