2020 Rhythm & Brews Registration Form
SATURDAY May 16th 2020 3-9pm

Vendor Set Up: 12:30PM (NO RAIN DATE)

Location: Downtown Station Avenue Haddon Heights, NJ

Space is limited and will be reserved on a first come first serve basis based on approval
(Spaces are 10x10 or 20x10)

If approved an invoice will be sent to your contact email to confirm registration.

HIP will purchase kegs from breweries. Keg prices must be at no more than $200 per Halve or $70 per Sixtel

Each brewery will be required to bring 4 halves total, (2 varieties) unless other arrangements are made

$150- Food /Winery: (10x10)
$200- Two spaces (20x10)
$100- Artisan/Crafter (10x10Tent/tables required)
$100- Breweries (10x10 tent/tables/ Jockey box or caddy required
$0 Legacy Breweries (will include info if you are legacy)
*All Permits are vendor responsibility
Email address *
Name *
Business/Vendor Type *
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Address *
Cell Phone
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*All Insurance, Fire and Health Department Permits are Vendor Responsibility*
Business Liability Insurance Policy Number
Write a short description about your products/business to be posted on the website and social media accounts. This can include: mission statement; how long you have been in business; the focus of your business; what inspires you; what separates you from your competition; what is most rewarding about what you do and why?) *
Applicants who are awarded opportunities at Rhythm and Brews under these specifications shall indemnify and hold harmless Haddon Heights in Progress, and the Borough of Haddon Heights, its officers, employees, agents, and servants from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, recoveries, judgments, costs and expenses including attorney fees, incurred to suffered on account of property damage or loss and/or personal injury, including loss of life of any person, agency, servants or subcontractors in the performance of the work described in these specifications. The applicant further agrees that this indemnification by the applicant shall continue after completion of Rhythm and Brews for all claims, demands suits, actions, recoveries, judgements, costs and expenses including attorneys fees resulting from acts or omissions the applicant, its employees, agents, servants or subcontractors which occur prior to the completion of the season. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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