DL in NLP 2020. Spring. Quiz 6
Some questions can be not mentioned in the lecture explicitly, but you can still use logic and google.
Credit for some questions: cs231n.stanford.edu
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Why vanishing gradient is a problem?
Give any example of a sentence with long-distance dependency, where short-term dependency leads to a wrong answer. You may use English or Russian.
How exploding gradients problem can be detected?
What is the optimal choice for h in the grading clipping formula? http://proceedings.mlr.press/v28/pascanu13.pdf
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Suppose the reset and update gate values are numbers, not vectors. Pick the situations when the previous hidden state of GRU cannot affect the current one for any possible value of it
Consider the LSTM and GRU formulas given in lecture. What is the possible range for the values of the hidden state components?
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When LSTM is a good default choice?
Select potential solutions to the vanishing/exploding grading problem is other networks.
A direct connection without additional weights between the first and the last layers of the network is called
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