Newton Farm Parent questionnaire
We request that you only complete this questionnaire once
My child likes school *
My child is making good progress *
Teaching at Newton Farm is of high quality *
I am well informed about how my child is getting on *
The school keeps me well informed about events and activities *
The school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions and concerns *
I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a problem or a complaint *
I find it easy to contact my child’s teacher *
Staff expect my child to work hard and do his or her best *
The children's behaviour is well managed *
Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent *
The school provides appropriate homework *
Bullying is well managed by the school *
There are a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable *
I feel welcome in the school and am encouraged to take part in school activities and events *
The school is led and managed well *
I find the school website useful *
NURSERY and RECEPTION PARENTS ONLY- The arrangements for my child to settle in to their new class were good
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