IPMA PE Award Assessors Training Application Form 2016 Milan
IPMA PE Assessors Training
Date: 22-24 April 2016
Place: Milan, Italy

1. Age: above 30
2. Experience in working as a project manager: min 5 years or experience in working as a consultant in project management: min 7 years
3. Member of any one of the IPMA National Member Associations
4. Be nominated by the National Member Association for the position of PE Award assessor. THE NOMINATION WILL BE CHECKED WITH THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION BEFORE THE START OF TRAINING!


• You will take part in a training session to get to know the IPMA Project Excellence Model in order to be prepared to assess projects when you are appointed as a PE Award Assessor.
• You will practice how to apply the Project Excellence model and how to objectively assess the project management of a project that is entered into the awards process.
• You will get detailed insights into the working of a project team that applies for the IPMA PE Award. For example during the on-site visit when applied methods, plans, procedures, results, successful areas and lessons learnt are discussed with project team members and important stakeholders.
• You will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange views with experienced international colleagues during the training.
• You will practice and develop the skills required to be able to carry out an unbiased assessment of the project management of a project. You will learn how to assess the excellence of the project management; define strong points and areas for improvement. These skills will be useful for your organization and perhaps for your customers too.


•Participating in the PE Assessor Training for the 3 day-duration
• Self-preparation to the training (1 day)

If you are selected as assessor for the 2016 Project Excellence Awards, you commit yourself to:
• An individual Assessment: about 2-3 days;
• A Team Virtual meeting: 5 hours;
• Site-Visit: 3-4 days plus time necessary for travelling;
• Contributing to the Feedback Report: 2 days.

Preparing for the training needs to be taken seriously so that you will be able to follow and participate in the class discussions and to participate actively in working group sessions.
Successful participation in the training in principle obliges you to work as an Assessor if the Award PMO asks you to participate in an assessor team in the current year’s Project Excellence Award.

The confirmation of acceptance for and the participation in the training does not automatically imply that the you will be nominated to act as an IPMA International PE Award Assessor.

500 EURO*
The payment is due immediately after the application form is accepted by the IPMA Award PMO and invoice issued by the IPMA secretariat.
The training fee covers all training materials, lunches, coffee breaks and dinners on the1st and 2nd day of the training.
All travel, hotel accommodation and/or other personal costs related to the training are at your own expense.

*Applicants from EU - no VAT payment is needed if a VAT number is provided. If VAT number is not provided 21% will be added to the invoice. Applicants outside EU - VAT is not applicable only for companies.

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IPMA Assessor's Training: Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy
By registering for the Assesors Training I agree to the following Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy.
Booking Conditions
1. Registration can only be done by filling in on-line application form.
2. A receivable amounting the registration fee (today 500 euro excl. VAT) is booked as soon as a person registers for the training.
3. IPMA will always send an invoice to charge the payable amount for the Training
4. The charged fee is excluding VAT (21%)
5. If no valid VAT number of the receiver of the invoice is provided or VAT is not applicable for the recipient, VAT will be applied
6. If a valid VAT number is provided, no VAT will be applied if the VAT is not deductable for the recipient
7. Payment of the invoice needs to be done within 14 days, but at all times before the Training takes place
8. If payment has not been done at the seminars date, IPMA has the right to deny access to the seminar to persons who's fees have not been paid

Cancellation Policy
1. No cancellation fees will be incurred if you transfer your place to another person at least 7 days prior to the seminar date AND inform IPMA about it.
2. A refund of 50% of the total amount charged will be given if the cancelation is done more than 7 days prior to the seminar date.
3. If cancelation is done within 7 days prior to the seminar date, no refund will be given.
4. When cancelling and entitled to a refund according to the above policy, refunds can only be made if complete wiring instructions are provided.
5. IPMA has the right to deviate from the above Cancellation Policy but can only do so in favor of the participant.

Do you agree to the above Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy? *
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