Open Access Author Fund - Montana State University Library
The MSU Library will run an author’s fund to help remove the barrier between MSU authors and open access publishing. The Library will offer grants to authors who are being charged an APC.  This does not apply to page or color charges. Authors will receive no more than $2,000 each per fiscal year (July 1- June 30).
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Definitions: In the gold OA model, all articles and related content are available for free immediately on the journal's website through payment of an Article Processing Charge (APC). Hybrid open access journals contain a mixture of open access articles (paid by APCs) and closed access articles. A publisher following this model is partially funded by subscriptions, and only provide open access for those individual articles for which the authors (or research sponsor) pay a publication fee. If you have questions please contact Leila Sterman at or 994-4519.
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