Duration of Service Waiver Request
Members in OneStar-funded AmeriCorps programs must serve and actively accrue service hours through the end date specified in their executed Member Service Agreement to fulfill the duration requirement. However, programs may request a waiver from the duration requirement for members in certain, unusual circumstances if the member:

- has completed their minimum hours requirement and all other program-specified requirements,
- is in good standing with the program, AND
- is seeking one of the following post-service options:

1) serving in another national service program that requires the member to start a new term of service before their current term concludes, OR
2) participating in a valuable Life After AmeriCorps opportunity that requires the member to start before their current term concludes.

Program staff are under no obligation to request such waivers for their members and should only do so if the program is in full support of the member’s requested change in service end date. Members who have not completed their minimum required hours as defined by their original service agreement are not eligible for this waiver. Waivers must be approved by OneStar in writing before allowing members to change their service end date. The duration of the Term of Service shall fall within the Sub-Grantee’s approved budget period.

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