Priority Topics and Questions for Senator Schumer
On January 13th at 8 pm, Indivisibles across New York State will have the opportunity to meet with Leader Chuck Schumer. The Senator will join us for 30 minutes to offer brief remarks and participate in a Q&A session. As time will be limited, we want to get a sense of Indivisibles' priorities for discussion and provide an opportunity for groups to submit their own questions.

Please note: This event is specifically focused on democracy reform and is meant to be the culminating event of our statewide day of action. The Senator will come prepared to speak on upcoming democracy legislation like HR1, HR4, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico statehood, and rebalancing the courts. As a reminder, the Senator is already on record supporting most of these ideas, so we are interested in learning about HOW he will pass these bills, not just whether he supports them.

If you are able to attend the meeting and would like to weigh in on the topics and/or submit a question, please complete the form no later than 5 pm ET on Monday, January 11th. Members of the OneNYS Steering Committee will organize the submitted questions and invite those who submitted the selected questions to directly ask them of the Senator at the meeting. Questions will be selected to ensure that all priority topics are covered, that there is limited redundancy given the short timeframe, and that regional diversity is well represented.

The OneNYS team will be moderating the Q&A and monitoring the chat box and commit to doing our best to also incorporate any urgent questions that come up live during the event.
Of the following democracy reform-related discussion topics, which do you think should be prioritized for discussion during this brief Q&A?
Should be prioritized
HR1: The For The People Act
HR4: The John Lewis Voting Rights Act
Statehood for DC and PR
Rebalancing/expanding the courts
Eliminating the legislative filibuster
Is there another important topic you feel it is crucial to address at the January 13th meeting? If so, please share below:
If you would like to submit a question to ask Senator Schumer at the meeting, please do so below:
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