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Thank you for your interest in being part of our Master-Mind Group for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. (In case you are wondering, you have either been hand-picked and/or someone invited you, either way, Congratulations! You were selected!)

It bring us great joy to invite you to apply to become a member of our exclusive on-line mastermind group. We are actively looking for individuals around the world to be part of our think-tank, mastermind group! (If you know of anyone, please share this a short link with them; you will be provided one after you submit this form.)

Our Local & Global Mastermind group will give you the edge on your competition. As you will see, Our Local Mastermind groups are different from other groups. Our mission is to connect like-minded individuals together so they may mastermind, brainstorm, pass and receive referrals and help the economy.

It is free to join, but you will be expected to give and receive. By adding value, being active & offering to help as well as be open to learning, growing and being helped by others. We believe that everyone has something to give and something to receive too. therefore, we hope you are as excited as we are to launch another new mastermind group.

This is your opportunity to be an “Expert” in our mastermind group – the purpose of this Master-Mind / Think-Tank Group is to share our knowledge, experience and to brainstorm ideas, network and work together to collectively benefit each other and our respective marketplaces wherever we are in the World. Once selected, you will lock out your competition!

Therefore, to help us in our selection process, we have put together a brief questionnaire to help organize and determine the best fit and resulting group dynamics.
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