Keep Bangor Creative - Micro-Grant Application - Allan Lloyd Trott Memorial Literary and Spoken Word Grant
This application is for Creatives working in Poetry, Spoken Word, or other literary projects, and applying for project support from Keep Bangor Creative. 

This grant is given in the name of Allan Lloyd Trott, a gifted poet, author and spoken-word performer who graced Bangor with this unique and innovative work until his passing in 2019. 

If you are an artist working in an alternative medium, please use the application for artists / creatives

If you are an organization please use the application for creative organizations to submit.

Upcoming Deadlines
• April 1, 2024

We accept submissions on an open timeline. Applications submitted after a deadline are considered in the following group.
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Artist & Creatives Application
Selected projects receive up to $250 in direct financial support. In some cases partial funding may be awarded. This is in addition to advisory and professional services with an average value of more than $500, bringing the potential support per project up to $750. In addition, Keep Bangor Creative crowdfunding opportunities may allow projects to receive additional financial support from community funders.

Projects awarded funding from Keep Bangor Creative Micro-Grants must be produced in and impact communities within a 15-mile radius of Bangor, Maine. Projects for this cycle must be completed by December 31, 2024.

Questions? Email us at
Artist / Creative Information 
Please list the name of the Artist or Group. Please fill out all required fields or mark as "N/A". 

We request that one point of contact be listed per applicant. In addition to the artists resume at the end of this application, we ask that you also provide a brief bio or summary of your work, so we can get a sense of who you are as an artist or group. 

"Collaborators" are individuals or groups outside of the primary applicant who will be working with you creatively or logistically, or who will be providing additional support to the project. 
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Project Overview
Projects considered for this micro-grant must be in the disciplines of poetry, literary works, or spoken word performance. 

Please include an official title for your project.

Please list any themes that may be relevant to your project. 

All projects are considered either in development or in production. Projects "in development" are typically still in planning phases, and no physical production work has begun. For example, a theatrical performance that has not yet started casting or rehearsals. Projects "in production" tend to be more advanced and some elements have the project have begun.

Project context - Context is the environment in which the project is taking place. The core aspects of context are the scope, setting, phase, decision-making processes, and stakeholders.

Please indicate if your project is awarding any monetary or non-monetary compensation to project participants, with a specific breakdown of each type. 

If you have questions about any part of the application process, please contact us at
Project Title
Project Themes
Projected Timeline for Project
Project Status
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Short Description of Project  (50 words) *
Full Project Description *
Context *
Innovation and Originality *
Community Impact *
Audience *
Premiere Venue Location *
Monetary or Non-monetary Compensation *
Links to Work 
Showing us examples of previous works or related works may help us better understand your project. Please include any relevant links or link tree where info can be accessed. 
URL links to Work Samples *
Project Budget
Please include a listing of all projected project expenses, as well any anticipated revenue or additional funding sources. A link to an external document or spreadsheet is encouraged.

Amount Raised / Additional Funding - describe any funds currently raised or committed to support the project. Do not include anticipated revenue after project completion, instead include that info in the project budget. 

Amount Requested - the amount you are requesting from the KBC mini-grant program. Please make sure this amount is in line with your total project expenses and additional funding listed. 
Project Budget *
Amount Raised or Anticipated Additional Funding *
Amount Requested *
Artist Resume
Help us get a sense of your work as an artist or performance group. Tell us a little about your style and what you have accomplished in your artistic career. Have you successfully completed projects in the past? What was the impact? Artists of all backgrounds are welcome to apply, so if you are just starting out, don't be afraid to let us know you are emerging in your career!
Artist Resume / Links to Past Work *
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