World Cares Center's Volunteer Project Warmth;Saturday December 1st Staten Island

World Cares Center's Hurricane Sandy Response- Project Warmth-Staten Island

Saturday, 12/1/2012
Team Leads 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Volunteers 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
25 Volunteers Needed

Volunteers will participate in the delivery of much needed sleeping bags to homebound residents without heat. Throughout distribution, volunteers will work with homeowners to fill out needs assessment surveys so that we may better serve survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Volunteers will be matched with teams and work in pairs to fill outstanding requests and canvass neighborhoods.

This project will involve sorting of donations, walking through neighborhoods, speaking compassionately with survivors, conducting surveys, and delivery of donations. Volunteers should come prepared to participate in the entire process. Wear sturdy closed toed shoes, long pants and sleeves, and layers for the cold. Bring a lunch and water with you. This project is not safe or appropriate for anyone under the age of 16. After signing up you, will receive information on the meeting address and team lead contact information.
For any questions please e-mail Michelle at

Additional Project Details:

One Team Lead and 6-10 Volunteers will be assigned to each Team.

-Team Leads are responsible for dispatching and overseeing their team within a designated community. They are to follow the maps and guidelines provided by the Project Supervisor.
-Team Leads should be in contact with their team members and the project supervisor often, collect needs assessment surveys from team members on a regular basis, and ensure that their team is always prepared with a supply of donations and assessment surveys.
-Team Leads will be responsible for ensuring that all team members report back to the designated meeting location for debriefing, as well as submitting all surveys conducted by their team to the Project Supervisor.

-Volunteers will go to homes, as directed by their Team Lead, to deliver sleeping bags to homebound survivors who remain without heat. Volunteers are NOT to enter any home for any reason.
-Upon delivery of sleeping bags, volunteers will ask if it would be okay to ask a few questions to help us determine the unmet needs of the community. Volunteers will be provided with surveys to serve as a guide for identifying the outstanding needs of residents. Be conversational, but follow the questions on the survey. Volunteers are expected to complete each survey as thoroughly as possible, indicating the residents’ contact information, any medical needs, material needs, and/or requests for labor assistance. If the resident does not wish to answer any questions, kindly thank them and wish them well. The survey is not required to obtain a sleeping bag. Again, volunteers will NOT enter any home for any reason. Surveys can be conducted outside the home.
-Volunteer team members must stay in contact with their Team Lead and submit all surveys to their Team Lead.
-Volunteers are NOT to distribute sleeping bags to passers-by. If someone approaches you with a request, defer to your Team Lead.

-Be sure you have and understand the map of the area you are assigned to.
-Pack your vehicle with supply, as directed, and return to the central site in the field to resupply as needed.
-Participate as a Volunteer Team Member.

-Be sure you have and understand the map of the area in which the truck is located, as well as the areas in which the teams are dispatched.
-Help hand out sleeping bags to Volunteer Teams as they fill the distribution vehicles.
-Stay with the truck to ensure that the inventory is secure.
-Have additional copies of maps, surveys, and information sheets readily available in case Volunteer Team Members request them when they return to resupply.
-Do NOT hand out any sleeping bags to any passers-by.

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