We are Hiring!
Please fill out the attached form if you are interested in working the events we host inside Target stores for Registry and with Our Geneartion.

Our Generation Events:
The event itself will take place from 10-1 inside Target. You will need to arrive at 9:15 to set up before the event. A week or so beforehand you will be required to watch a short training video(under 10 minutes). A package will be delivered to your home the week of the event with all of the necessary items for the event that you will bring with you and then set up. You will also need to find a fellow mom friend to help you work the event although you would be the lead person. During the event you will be checking people in, distributing the activity and helping the kids when needed. There will be a photo opportunity for all attendees following the activity that will need to be monitored. After the event is over, you will need to pick up, bring home any extra materials and fill out a recap form attaching a few pictures(within 3 days).
Pay for each event is $150 for the lead and $100 for the person you will need to hire.

BCBasics for Target Registry- You will need to arrive at the store at 4pm. 2 weeks leading up to the event, you will be receiving shipments from our sponsoring brands to your home. You will need to have transportation to bring these to the event. You will assist with set up and work the sample table during the event. After the event is over, you will help with take down and be done by 8:30pm. Pay for this event is $175. Dates are noted below for each market.

We will be following up with those who meet the qualifications we are looking for in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your interest!

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Are you available on December 9th from 9:30am-1:30pm?
Are you a mom/dad/caregiver?
How did you find out about this position? Were you referred by someone? If so, who?
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Is there any other information you would like to share for us to consider you for this position?
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Have you attended a Bump Club and Beyond event in the past? If so, which one?
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Will you have access to a computer prior to the event to watch a short training video?
Do you have a phone that takes photos?
Following the event, you will be required to fill out a recap form and submit pictures. Do you agree to do this with in 3 days of the event?
Which market are you interested in working in? (please check all that apply)
You will need to find one other person(we prefer this to be a Mom and someone you know well) to work the event with you. Do you have a few people in mind that you could ask? We will ask you to provide us with their information no later than November 28th.
Prior to the event you will be sent a box of items from Our Generation for the event. Do you live somewhere that accepts packages or have an alternate address?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Do you have customer service experience or experience working with children?
Following this event, would you be interested in working future events for Bump Club and Beyond, including additional Our Generation events?
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