Productivity & Time Management Survey for Muslims
We are working hard to create a system that will help busy, overwhelmed Muslims balance their time most efficiently and I'd love to get your feedback. In a profound way, you have the chance to help your fellow Muslims grow closer to Islam. What could be more powerful than that? JazakAllah!
What's the #1 reason you are presently unable to balance time efficiently between Islam, family, work/ study. What's the biggest thing that's holding you back (or that's in your way) from becoming a highly successful & productive career Muslim? *
Tell me about the last time you tried to solve this problem and did something to manage your time in a better way. What techniques did you apply and where did you learn them from? What part of time-management do you find most difficult? *
Which of the following best describes you?* *
What age group do you belong to? *
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