Kevin MacLeod's "Future Score"
2016: Google Magenta - an AI that creates music - is announced. It isn't great, but shows promise.

2018: Magenta is paired with advanced humanizing techniques and high-quality synthesis. It starts to sound pretty good.

2021: Several dozen AIs are on the scene, specializing in Pop, Horror, Comedic, and a host of other genres. Most user created content uses these early AIs - as they are cheaper than licensing existing music.

2023: The first major feature film composed entirely by a computer opens.

2024: More music is created by AIs than people.

The year is now 2026. Working composers have pretty much been replaced by AIs that take existing music, analyze media, and crank out endless variants. Most everyone picks the first variant.

I imagine the future scoring process will look something like this form.
In 10 years you can look back at these videos and see what humans had to do to create music.
Thanks for participating!

You will receive an email prior to the scoring if your project is selected, so you can watch it being scored live on!

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