Back The Blue Role Play Community General Membership Application
• You must be 13+ to apply.
• You must have a working microphone.
• You must have a Legal Copy of Grand Theft Auto V(Not needed for dispatching but encouraged!)
Before you Apply:
Note this is a PC only community. We strongly recommend you to take the time and effort required to be here. Applications with little to no effort will be denied!
It may take a while for the department you applied for to have an opening so please be patient
About us:
We have taken knowledge and experience from all corners of the RP community to construct one of the finest servers in recent memory. Here we strive for the rewarding feeling of becoming a family and overall providing a service other community are failing to offer
In order to proceed with the application process we ask for you to read over and agree to all our rules. Result of not agreeing to our handbook/Rules will result in a instant denial. If you don't know where the rules are you can find them in the discord under #server-rules. *
Do you own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
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