A deeper look into the glorious truths of the New Covenant!
TRACK A (Fall Semesters 2019) – MAKING DISCIPLES
who will be inspired and amazed by the love of God. You will also develop new connections with others and grow personally as you share these truths as a group. Class discussion is expected.
who continue this second leg of The Journey to see New Covenant truths meet real-life circumstances. You will get to watch Christ-within do His amazing, transforming work – up close and personal. By learning how to share these truths with others, you will find yourself renewed by the wonders of His grace!
are Jon and Jenny Reeverts founders of In Christ Ministries.
are Monday evenings from 6:30 till 9:15pm. A light snacks/meal will be provided.
to attend is the two-day Engage (Grace Life) Conference. If you have attended one previously, that is great!
will be given each week. First Semester includes reading Lifetime Guarantee, The Naked Gospel, Classic Christianity, The Rest of the Gospel and listening to some audio teachings. Please plan to highlight at least 2 key quotes per chapter to share with your group.
to attend is required because each session is a major learning event that we share as a group. Other than sickness and emergencies, attendance is expected. However; we understand we live in a small farming community where school activities and/or work-related absences is expected. The Network 220 requirements must be met in order to complete the advanced training course.
for attending is $250 per semester. Our goal is to keep your cost as low as possible! Your fee covers course binders, materials, books, snacks, and miscellaneous items. A deposit of $100 is due the first session, and $150 balance is due by the second class. Payment plans can be discussed.
can be completed by filling out the attached application and brought to the first night’s class.
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Cell #
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The application is a preparation tool, not a process of acceptance. The purpose is to address different aspects of The Journey so that we can begin the course on the same page. Please complete the application with brief written answers.At this time, are you interested in Track A – Making Disciples or Track A&B – Equipping Disciplers?
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Why do you want to attend The Journey? Do you see God using what you learn for any formal or informal ministry in the future?
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We will be learning from a variety of instructors and from sharing with others in the class. Do you feel that you have a humble, teachable attitude - open to personal growth?
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Are you a believer in Jesus Christ as your Savior? How did you come to know Jesus?
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What is your understanding of the New Covenant and how has it impacted you personally?
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Here are some considerations before enrolling in The Journey:
Note – There is some homework due for the first session, (available in the materials you will get.)
$250 fee – A $100 deposit is due when you register and the $150 balance is due by second class begins. If you need to spread out the payments more, please talk to David Nunez.
If you are married, is your spouse supportive of you taking the course?
The benefits of The Journey are not possible without an upfront commitment. Are you willing and able to clear your schedule and make this commitment?
The homework involves lots of reading. Are you prepared to handle this?
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