Tournament Helper Registration-Region 12

Each team is required to provide a tournament helper (different from an appraiser) to cover a four-hour shift at the tournament. These helpers are essential to the tournament - we simply could not run the tournament without them.

Who may help? Team parent, grandparent, or friend. Tournament Helpers must be at least 18 years of age. Team managers may not be the team’s helper – you have enough to do that day.

What will the helper do? Helper assignments include: assisting at the team challenges sites, monitoring the traffic at the challenge sites, working in the scoring room, selling consignment items.

How will the helper know what assignment he/she has? About two weeks before the tournament, the helper will receive an email with their assignment and time. Tournament Helpers may split their shift among two people, however only submit one Primary Contact as your Tournament Helper.

Any questions regarding this Tournament Helper assignment should be directed to:
Jeanine Yosua, Region 12 Tournament Helper Coordinator at 433-3248 or

Submit this form by January 5, 2019 for Regular Registration. NO TEAM IS EXEMPT FROM THIS REQUIREMENT
This form may be filled-out by either the Team Manager or the Tournament Helper
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Tournament Helper are able to specify which 4-hour shift they wish to work. Please enter a FIRST Choice and SECOND Choice below
Please note: There are only a few volunteer spots for the Friday March 8th Shift. If you make this your First Choice, it may already be filled, and you will be given your Second Choice
Every effort will be made to honor the preference. However, sometimes this is not possible due to the number of Tournament Helpers needed at the different sites. No matter what the assignment, the Tournament Helper will be given a short break to watch their relative(s) perform! Please list the Tournament Helper's relative(s) (if any) below:
Name of Tournament Helper's FIRST Relative
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If you need to make any changes once submitted, please send an email to: and explain what changes need to be made
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