BC: Recognize the BCGEU-UAW and Bargain Now
We, members of the Boston College Graduate Employees Union-UAW, call on Boston College to respect the decision of Boston College’s graduate student employees to unionize. It is indisputable that a majority of Boston College graduate student employees want to be represented by the BCGEU-UAW, which was expressed when a majority voted “union yes” in the September National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election and affirmed when an even larger majority signed a petition calling upon BC to drop their appeal and begin negotiations.

Despite these signs of overwhelming support from graduate workers, and despite recognizing that the NLRB election was fair and democratic, Boston College appealed the decision for an election, relying on the fact that the DC NLRB would likely revoke our labor rights. The actions of the administration led us to withdraw our petition and certification with the NLRB to protect labor rights of workers across the country. We demand that Boston College respect the results of the September NLRB election, recognize the Graduate Employees Union-UAW, and commence good-faith negotiations.

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