The Art of Schoology: Tell Us Your Story
The Art of Schoology project is a celebration of the innumerable ways the Schoology Community is transforming education as we know it using our platform. By sharing your story, you can inspire other education professionals around the world and help them achieve similar success.

Fill out the form and briefly tell us your story below. Stories that meet the criteria below will be turned into "educator spotlight" articles or spotlight snippets to showcase your achievements and your revelations across Schoology's various media channels.

Rubric Criteria for Getting Chosen
- Clarity of ideas
- Usefulness to the Schoology Community (technically or inspirationally)
- Includes steps on how to recreate desired results
- Inspires audience to think/feel differently about a subject
- (Bonus) Originality and creativity

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How did you transform your classroom, school, district, campus, your personal life, or the lives your students using Schoology? Tell us what challenges you overcame and/or what problems you solved and how. For example, share that brilliant idea you had for engaging your students and how you pulled it off, or describe how you made professional development fun and how others can do the same.

*This is about you, your experiences, and your insights. Schoology just helps make it possible.

Tell us your story in 250-500 words. *
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