Dwellings of Eldervale Playmat Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback about the Dwellings of Eldervale playmat. In this survey, we are looking to gauge interest in potential options for shipping the playmat outside of US/Canada, as well as interest in other sizes.

Edit (19 July): EU shipping for playmats has been added! Regardless of your location we still need your feedback on mat sizes.

We are currently offering a 36” x 48” playmat for $69 plus shipping (US/Canada and EU only). How likely are you to order this playmat? *
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If we were to offer another size option, which of the following Game Toppers mat sizes would you be most interested in? (Select one.) *
If a Dwellings of Eldervale playmat were offered in the size you want, and could be shipped to your country, how likely would you be to order it? *
If we were able to offer shipping for the playmats outside of US/Canada and EU, what country would you have it shipped to? *
We are considering adding a subtle hex grid to the design, which would outline where to place the tiles during gameplay without overwhelming the art on the playmat. How would this addition impact your decision to purchase the playmat? *
Would you like to provide any additional information or feedback specifically about the playmat?
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