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2019 IDS-PLS US Dermatology Resident Dermoscopy Bowl!
We are excited for the upcoming 2nd Annual International Dermoscopy Society(IDS) and Pigmented Lesion Subcommittee* (PLS) US Dermatology Resident Dermoscopy Bowl and we are looking forward to a fun and educational experience!!!

Competition time/structure: The elimination rounds will take place at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting exhibition hall at the booth of 3GEN inc. (Dermlite) on Friday and Saturday morning. The semi-final and final rounds will take place at the Tri-Society meeting on Saturday evening. We will do our best to be flexible with your team's competition timing to take into account your committment to other educational endeavors while attending the AAD. You do not need to be present for the entirety of the Friday and Saturday morning. Your team's involvement will last approximately 15 minutes per round. Should your team qualify for the next round, we will notify you on site when the next round will take place.

Team structure: Each team will be comprised of 3 team members at the time of competition. You may register up to 5 members in your team, however, only 3 players may compete in a given round, and only the three players participating in the winning final round will win a dermatoscope (generously donated by 3GEN). You can substitute registered team members in and out of any subsequent round/s, as long as you have three dermatology resident humans participating per round.

Competition content: the first three rounds will cover solely skin neoplasms, benign and malignant. The final round will also include the dermoscopic appearance of infestations/infections and inflammatory conditions.

*Pigmented Lesion Subcommittee/Melanoma Prevention Working Group​; Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group/ Southwest Oncology Group

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