2019 Colorado Spirits TrailBlazers
Congratulations on completing the Colorado Spirits Trail! And THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for supporting craft distilleries in our beautiful state. We greatly appreciate your dedication and hope you’ve found a few new tasting rooms to frequent and favorite bottles for your liquor cabinet!

This is where you submit your completed map. Please note that all bottles of spirits will be awarded in 2020. We will be in touch periodically between now and then with more information, or you can reach out to us at coloradodistillers@gmail.com.

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Upload a pdf of your completed 2019 Colorado Spirits Trail map (and 2018 if applicable). You only need to include the Passport portion. You can also upload any receipts or photos from distilleries where you forgot to get a stamp. PLEASE BE SURE TO LABEL EVERY FILE WITH YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME! *
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