STELLA 16 Feedback
Your feedback is invaluable to guiding the planning committee for STELLA18!
Did the timing work for you?
Too long
Just right
Not long enough
Length of sessions
Length of the un-conference (2 days)
How well did the session selection process go?
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Please let us know what worked or didn't work for you (optional):
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What did you like the most about STELLA 2016?
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Which, if any, of these activities do you think improved the STELLA unconference experience?
(Ice breakers, dine-arounds, posters, digital mixer, tours, remote sessions, etc.)
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Which of these activities would you like to see at the next STELLA?
Which of these would you like to eliminate?
Is there an activity you would like to add?
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Do you plan on attending the next STELLA in 2018 (location to be determined)?
If you're undecided, what would make you more likely to attend?
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Please share any suggestions for improvements.
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Please provide your contact information if you are interested in joining the planning team for STELLA 2018:
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