2021 2022 Regional Para Training August 26, 2021 - Virtual

For this year's Paraprofessional Training, there will be a Keynote and 6 sessions offered.
You can participate "live" the day of the event and watch the remaining sessions on your own after the training has ended. Prior to the event an agenda along with links to all of the trainings will be emailed to those that have registered.

Each session is 50 minutes. Sessions will be recorded and available for 14 days after the live event.

Cost is $40 per participant - Your school will be billed after the training.

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Keynote: Julia Cook - Unlearning Helplessness: Motivating the Underachiever. In Julia’s presentation, Unlearning Helplessness: Motivating the Underachiever, she shares how underachieving occurs when students have a significant gap between their abilities, and what they achieve in school. In this interactive session, she will discuss the four types of underachievers, explore the characteristics and causes of underachieving, and present effective solutions that can reverse this problem. Session 1 - Elementary Focus - Books That Make A Positive Difference - Session 2 – Secondary Focus - Got Hope? Understanding the Importance of Hopefulness
Rachel Cox Raverty, MSW, BSSW, LGSW - Session 1 - Empowering Elementary Students by Increasing Self-Confidence. - Did you know that as educators, we can empower young children by teaching them to love themselves? This practice improves self-esteem, independence, resiliency and relationship-building. Research indicates that helping youth boost their self-esteem correlates with higher academic success and achievement well into adulthood. During this 50 minute session, we will learn about how embracing individuality, allowing for mistakes, exposure to a variety of experiences, praise and goal-setting help students become more confident inside and outside of school. Session 2 - Anxious and Depressed Minds: What it Looks Like and How We Can Help. - Although anxiety and depression may present in young children as sadness, worry, hopelessness and exhaustion, we might also see challenging behaviors in the form of anger, aggression and irritability. In this 50 minute training, we will discuss common signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression amongst elementary students. We will also work on advancing our skillsets by developing ideas for supporting and youth who are experiencing associated difficulties.
Hazel Ashbeck, MS, BCBA - Session 1 - Promoting Perseverance and Building Resilience in Secondary Students Historically, educational environments focus primarily on academic performance. Test scores and grades are examples of measurements used to evaluate students’ academic achievement. A student’s future opportunities and life trajectory are influenced greatly by these measurements of academic achievement. This presentation will discuss the importance of teaching functional skills to increase academic engagement and promote desired behavior outcomes in the classroom. Specific strategies to teach skills related to perseverance and resilience will be identified. Session 2 - Effective Behavior Strategies & Interventions to Motivate Secondary Students Catering to diverse student needs poses unique challenges for educators. This training will review the importance of establishing motivation to enhance academic and behavior outcomes for secondary students. Valuable resources and example classroom reinforcement systems designed to promote enriched environments for all students will be presented.
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