Prolydian - New Client Questionnaire
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Are you starting a new program or transitioning from an existing testing vendor?
Prolydian offers a full-featured item banking system. Are you moving items from another item banking system? Will you need assistance with importing your items?
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Approx how many items in your item bank(s)?
Are you interested in Remote Proctoring or will you be administering exams in your own facilities?
Do you have multiple certification tracks? Briefly describe each by including (1) annual test volume, (2) number of items per test, (3) test duration, and (4) item types required -- for example Multiple choice, short answer, essay, etc.
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Are you in need of qualified psychometricians and/or test developers?
Would you like Prolydian to collect online payments from candidates?
Do you have a complex application process where candidates must be deemed eligible before scheduling a test?
Describe your score report at the completion of the exam (for example: show no result, Pass/Fail only, or show performance across domain areas).
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What is your timeline/ schedule/ urgency?
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