Venoty Twitter Bounty Campaign
Budget 300.000 Venoty representing 30% of the budget

You must sign up to here in order to eligible


Users must follow Venoty on twitter for the duration of the campaign and like Venoty tweets to be eligible for rewards.
User must write an original tweet promoting Venoty ICO. Only one per day and must include the hashtags #Venoty, #VenotyPOW, #VenotyCoin, #VNT, and @Venoty. Tweet must be pertinent, short or insignificant tweets will not be rewarded.
No negative tweets.
No copy and pasting of posts (we will check)
Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified.
Must follow until the end of the campaign.
Must not be deleted or unlike tweet until the end of the campaign.


1. #Venoty
2. #VenotyApp
3. #VenotyCoin
4. #VNT


Venoty reserves the right to remove any participant if we regard that they have broken or have not followed the rules.
Venoty reserves the right to NOT pay the participants that have been removed.


300-749 followers: 5 VNT per original tweet.
750-1,499 followers: 10 VNT per original tweet.
1,500-4,999 followers: 15 VNT per original tweet.


If the user's original tweet generates likes they will receive a bonus in VNT:
100+ like – 5 VNT

Submission Instructions:

Submit a link to your Twitter account below.
Start tweeting. All your tweets are tracked automatically.

IMPORTANT: *ONLY* tweets that include @Venoty and the hashtags in them will be tracked.

** The coins will be delivered to the owners at the end of the ICO campaign to prevent mining before the official release.
If you have any questions please contact us at

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