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We are excited that you are joining a Poured Out Haiti trip! Due to plane ticket pricing and availability, we want to book your tickets to Haiti in a timely fashion. We also want to give you as much time as possible to fundraise for your trip. As a result, we require a trip commitment from each volunteer.

By electronically signing this form, you acknowledge that you will be fully responsible for submitting AT LEAST the cost of your plane ticket (according to emails received from your team leader) along with your $200 nonrefundable deposit -even if you must cancel your spot on the trip at any time, or your trip is cancelled for any other reason. Ticket costs vary and your Poured Out Trip Leader can let you know the exact amount if cancellation is necessary.

Per airline policy, plane tickets are nonrefundable. Tickets are in the names of each individual volunteer, so if your trip is canceled for any reason you have 12 months to use the miles credit for any flights (perhaps for a future Poured Out trip?).
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I acknowledge by writing my full name below that I will be responsible to submit payment for my plane ticket along with cancellation fees, regardless of my Haiti trip attendance. *
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