Innerbloom submission form
Innerbloom is a weekly series dedicated to creating an artistic dialogue around our mutual connections with nature. The series is submission based, and seeks to bring a diversity of artistic voices to reflect on the ways we shape nature and nature shapes us. Every other week, I introduce a theme that pertains to the overarching concepts of nature and the self.

Here is the place to submit a photo, a music or a piece of writing (or all three) that relates to the theme, and I’ll blindly select the artifacts that I feel best connect to that theme. Anyone can participate, the artifacts have to be created by the participants (or simply selected if it’s a song), and a new edition of the series will be published every other week on the Mac Weekly website.

Next week's theme is Risk-Taking.
Try to think about the way nature pushes you to take risks and step out of your comfort zone, when creating an artifact for the theme. I will publish the edition on the Mac Weekly website the day after Thanksgiving, and subsequently announce the following theme.


The photo and text have to be original content. That is, it has to be created by the participant submitting it. The music can either be created or selected (ie, music you like). If yon don't have the music file, simply submit a word or pdf document that includes a link to the track (on soundcloud, youtube...) and your name.

In your submission, include a word or pdf document that contains your name, and the appropriate credits for the artifacts. The submissions will go the the Art editors of the Mac Weekly. They will then show me the submissions without the associated names or credit, and I will select the ones that best fit my vision of the theme. Only when I have selected the artifacts will I know who created or submitted them. The credits for the artifacts and the name of the person submitting it will appear in the published series. Submissions without proper credit will not be accepted.

Artifacts submitted to Chanter, Macalester's Art and Literary Magazine, cannot be submitted to Innerbloom.

Music - a song you created, or one you like that connects to the theme
A photo taken by you
Text - this can be prose, a poem, the lyrics to a song (must be original content)
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