Registration for NCS Peripatetic Lessons 2020
Please use this form to register your child for peripatetic lessons at NCS in 2020.
For all enquiries or further information prior to enrolling for lessons please contact the school office or individual peripatetic teachers (details on NCS Website)
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Parent Name *
Best Parent Contact Number
Parent Email *
Student Full Name *
Student Class/Grade 2020 *
Please Allocate Teacher *
Student Instrument *
I agree to enroll my child in peripatetic lessons, and will notify their teacher if ceasing to continue lessons (this option is available at the end of a term, or the end of the year). *
I agree to pay invoices from the peripatetic teacher by their due date *
Student absences
Parents or Secondary Students are responsible for notifying peripatetic teachers with as much warning as possible (preferably 24 hours) when students will be absent, on excursion, or unwell. This can be done by text message, phone, or e-mail.
I agree to notify the peripatetic teacher when my child will be absent from lessons *
Peripatetic teachers will come and collect primary school students from their classes for lessons.
Students in the high school are expected to know when their lesson occurs, and independently attend their lessons.
I agree to these processes *
Lesson Times
Thank you for registering your child for peripatetic lessons for 2020. An e-mail will be sent to their peripatetic teacher who should be in contact with you soon to arrange lesson times and details.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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