2021 GeoMixer Registration
The GeoMixer monthly event is a new opportunity to network with other Remote Sensing scientists at all career stages from around the world!

This virtual mixer will support networking with other participants that you may not have otherwise met by assigning participants into a series of small breakout rooms in Zoom. This event is inspired by IALE-NA 2020's Student Mixer and our successful first GeoMixer event at Geo for Good 2020.

Sign up below to register for our fourth event on 22 April at 10:00 am EDT ( 2:00 pm UTC), or to be kept in the loop for our next event in May! For future events, the day/time will shift each month to accommodate members of our global community.

We will send you the GeoMixer Zoom link the day before the event.

Thanks, and we hope to meet you soon!
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