New Trier Jazz Fest ~ Vibes, Breakfast, and Lunch Form. Complete one form for each band (complete a form for you combo only if you need a vibraphone or vocal mic).
Completing this form helps us ensure we have everything set for you and your students. An accurate count of breakfasts and lunches helps us ensure we have enough food while minimizing food waste. If you are bringing two bands you can group your breakfast and lunch counts into one form, but please submit a separate form for your second band so we know where we need vibraphones. Thanks for your help with this!
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Where is your band performing *
Do you need a vibraphone? *
Do you need a sound system for vocalist? *
How many complimentary director's lunches will you need? *
If you, your students, chaperones, or bus driver will be eating BREAKFAST, approximately how many will you be purchasing?
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If your students, chaperones, or bus driver will be eating LUNCH, approximately how many will they be purchasing?
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