Goshen County Prairie Dog Survey
The results of this survey will be used to determine local best management practices for prairie dogs. We will also use this information in to assess funding requirements from county and state sources. Please answer honestly as personal information will NOT be recorded. Survey also available at www.goshenweedandpest.com
In the past 3 years, what prairie dog management methods have you used?
If you do not use any control methods, what factors contribute to lack of management?
What time of year do you typically manage prairie dogs?
Have you coordinated with your neighbors regarding control methods and timing?
If you use an anticoagulant (Kaput-D), do you cover the mounds after initial baiting and then retreat?
If you use aluminum phosphide (Fumitoxin), what methods of application do you follow?
When you utilize a control method, what level of decrease do you see in prairie dog activity?
When you utilize a control method, what level of increase do you see in grass production?
If GCWP decreased the amount of cost-share, how would your level of management change?
Please address any concerns or suggestions you have regarding prairie dog management in the space below.
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