AZWA Zero Waste Event Vendor agreement
Please complete the following form. It will get you onto our new database of the many stallholders joining in to support Zero Waste Events (ZWEs). Once we have seen you working at an event and you are all compliant we can give you Green Vendor status. At your discretion we can get you more 'gigs' and or help promote your business as a Green Vendor.
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In the unlikely event you don't do email - please ensure you provide mail and phone contact options
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If yes please provide a brief description - this helps us match you with event organisers looking for particular products. If no - it still helps us help you if we know what you do/promote/sell at events.
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Please tick the below boxes that apply to you - we won't give out any of the info you share with us without your permission
Please inform us about the packaging/serving ware you use
Not compostable
Not sure
Packaging item
Disposable Cup (incl. hot chip cups)
Hot food container (leak proof)
Open or clamshell food container (eg burger)
Drinking straw
Cutlery:fork, knife, spoon
Sachet items: salt, pepper, soy sauce
Small container:eg sample, sauce, butter, jam
Carry bag
Clear selection
If you ticked other above, please provide a brief explanation below
Who is/are your packaging suppliers?
Providing this will help us better know and or understand if your packaging is likely to be compostable
If you are using compostable packaging already, please provide brand names where possible
We do our best to keep up to date with compostqable packaging on the market, and this will help us identify you are all good to go more quickly.
Please tick the box below to accept the terms and conditions of being on our Green Vendor Database *
Terms and conditions are as follows: 1) Vendors shall use commercially compostable single serve packaging as required (these may vary between events). 2) Certain packaging items are exempted - this will be advised in advance for each event and may change over time. 3) AZWA retains the right to change these requirements and will work on a basis of good faith with you to keep you up to date with such changes. 4) AZWA retains the right to remove vendors from the database at any time. 5) Completing this form does not automatically make you a ZWE compliant vendor, but is an important step.
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