Warwick Folk Festival 2018 Feedback
We hope you are having/have had a great time at our Festival. Thanks for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire - it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to complete but will help us plan next year.
All answers will be treated as confidential.
How far do you agree with the following statements: The Festival is/was well-organised
How far do you agree with the following statements: The Festival stewards were well informed and helpful
How far do you agree with the following statements: It is/was easy to find out what events/ concerts were happening during my visit
How far do you agree with the following statements: The Festival facilities are/were of high quality
What kind of ticket do you have?
Which venues did you / do you plan to visit (please tick all that apply)
What were your favourite three things about this year’s Festival?
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Can you think of anything you would change about the Festival to make it better?
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How many times have you visited Warwick Folk Festival?
How did you hear first hear about the festival?
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Did you visit the Fringe Festival in town during your visit? (if no skip next question)
If you you visited the Fringe please indicate how much you spent on yourself, or others, in Warwick Town: *
On food/drink
Other shopping
Are you staying overnight in somewhere other than your home?
If you visited with children what did you think about the quantity, quality and variety of activities available for them?
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It's our 40th next year, what are your favourite memories from Warwick Folk Festival - this one and / or over the years? (or email us at marketing@warwickfolkfestival.co.uk with your stories & photos)
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How important is the line-up when deciding to come Warwick Folk Festival?
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Did you have any doubts or hesitations did you have before booking WFF this year?
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How did you find the website to use & do you have any comments?
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Did you read about the festival online before buying tickets - and if so where? (not including on the WFF website)
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Do you regularly use Facebook?
If you live in the UK what is your postcode? (This will not be used to contact or identify you)
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If you live outside the UK, what country do you live in?
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What age are you?
Should you wish to be entered into our free prize draw to win a family ticket for next year’s Festival please provide your Name and Email:
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