Lead-by-example Data Set Pledge
We aim to provide a large body of real data prepared in a standard-compliant manner. Please suggest one (or more!) data sets you want to contribute to "D4.4.1 50 Experimental processes and data publications". We will approach you for the details and to see where we can help with the preparation. Thanks in advance !
Putative Data Set Title *
Could be the paper title. Or some working title.
In case the data corresponds to an already published manuscript. Leave blank otherwise
Chemistry (Sub-)Dicipline
For which sub-dicipline(s) is the data set typical ?
Content of the planned data deposition
Please describe what data you want to include in the data set.
Estimated Data Set Size *
NFD4Chem Partner Institution
Wouldn't it be great if each partner contributed at least one data set in the first two years ?
Suggested Repository(s)
Depending on data content, different/multiple repositories may be (more) suitable.
Contact eMail of data set owner *
Once staffed, we'll get in touch to get things going!
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