Push Back The Darkness Pledge
In order to ensure that our communities remain a shared, diverse, and welcoming place for all of our community members, we as individuals must take specific actions to understand, support, and assist our neighbours when they face challenges caused by the darkness of ignorance and hate.

I pledge to Push Back The Darkness of ignorance and hate with the light of knowledge and friendship by:

* Learning about the experiences and challenges faced by other members of my community, so that I may "see through their eyes" and understand them better

* Assisting others by supporting them if they are being targeted by ignorance or hate - the standard you walk past is the standard you are willing to accept, and I will no longer walk past things I would not want to happen to myself

* Sharing my own experiences and challenges with other members of my community, so that they may in turn see through my eyes and understand me better

* Make a difference through small acts of kindness towards others in my community - offering a hug, dropping off a snack, holding open a door, and other such simple gestures have a beneficial impact which is far greater than the effort put in

By doing these things, I will be taking real and effective steps to ensuring that the community I live in has strong bonds of knowledge and friendship between its members, and the light created by that will drive out the darkness of ignorance and hate.
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