Support Chair
Position: Support Chair
Reports to: Tech Officer

Time Commitment: ~20 hours (per month); Active online presence

Mandatory skills needed:
- Experience in end user technical support
- Familiarity with Simple Machines Forums
- Experience with Google Account Administration
- Basic knowledge of WFTDA’s Sharepoint System
- Ability to learn new programs and administrate them (Timeout)

Desired Qualifications:
- Experience managing a team, especially a distributed and/or volunteer team.
- Experience with working across teams – with programmers, system administrators.

General Responsibilities:
- Manage a team of distributed, volunteer support people.
- Provide end user support and triage for WFTDA tech related issues
- Keep the committee on task and on time
- Keep up to date on WFTDA’s technical needs

Pending Projects:
- Hire a Forum Administrator

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