Monday MRSEC Workshop: Refining your Skills Grid & CV/Resume

Where: S-5 Osmond
When: Monday, Oct. 15th @ Noon - 1PM

Guests to provide small group or 1-on-1 consultation:
Skills Grid: Dr. Darrell Velegol

CV/Resume Feedback: Dave Fecko (MRI Industry Relations Coordinator), Priya Baboo (College of Engineering), Sue Chappell (Career Services), and Don Mothersbaugh (Office of Industrial Parnerships)

Bring a hard copy or your laptop to work on your Skills Grid, CV/resume. Individual consultation of CV and resume will be done by our four special guest.

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If you were unable to attend seminar on Oct. 8th, but want to see example Skill Grids, then please select here and we will invite you to the Box account with example Skill Grids.
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