PythonLearn - Chapter 3 Exercises
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What do we do to a Python statement that is immediately after an if statement to indicate that the statement is to be executed only when the if statement is true?
Which of these operators is not a comparison / logical operator?
What is true about the following code segment: if x == 5 : print 'Is 5'
When you have multiple lines in an if block, how do you indicate the end of the if block?
You look at the following text: if x == 6 : print 'Is 6' print 'Is Still 6' print 'Third 6' It looks perfect but Python is giving you an 'Indentation Error' on the second print statement. What is the most likely reason?
What is the Python reserved word that we use in two-way if tests to indicate the block of code that is to be executed if the logical test is false?
What will the following code print out?
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For the following code, what value of 'x' will cause 'Something else' to print out?
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In the following code (numbers added) - which will be the last line to execute successfully?
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For the following code - what will the value be for istr after this code executes?
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