2020 Parkway Central High School Soccer Camp
Registration for the Parkway Central Soccer summer high school camp. Please fill out the form to register for the summer sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings. You are allowed to modify your answers after you submit this form. Please do NOT mail in your check. Please bring your $75 to training and pay in person. Checks Payable to Parkway Central Soccer.
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By agreeing in the following field, you hereby authorize the Parkway Central Soccer Coaches to act for you according to their best judgement in an emergency. You know of no mental or physical problems which might affect your child's ability to safely participate in this camp. You will be responsible for any medical or other charges in connection with your child's attendance at camp. You agree that your child must abide by the rules and regulations of this camp. You also authorize the hospital/physician/dentist to perform necessary procedures.
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