Ask the Fist
Please use this form to pass your ideas to the Fist and his/her staff. You can use this form to suggest changes to cluster values, how game modes are scored and new game modes.
Also this form can and should be used to let the Fist know how he and his staff is doing and in what way Fist can make changes to improve the relationship or communication from the Fist Office to the DJB membership. If you see a problem let us know here. We will do everything we can to fix it.
Last but not least if there is a new game coming out or already released that you want the Fist to consider for future support please let us know.

*Disclaimer - All suggestions submitted on this form will be read and at least considered. The Fist makes no promises that every suggestion will be enacted or any suggested game or game type will become supported. Also by leaving any suggestions the Fist of the P:Fist may contact you for further information and/or involvement in any game or game mode testing.

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