NCSU Personal Device Registration
All NCSU students seeking access to a school's wireless network will need to register their personal device with the NCSU IT Department. This registration form is to be completed by a parent or guardian only. If a student brings an unregistered device to school, access to the network will be denied until the parent completes this form.

By registering a personal device it will allow the tech department to identify the owner of the device which expedites the process of communication to the owner in the event there is a problem with the device while connected to the school network (virus, lost within our building, inappropriate use). In registering the device the tech department is not obtaining any additional information that is not already available on our network other than the owner’s name.

It is necessary to provide the device's media access control (“MAC”) address. The MAC address is a unique set of numbersand letters that look similar to this: A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6. The MAC address always has 6 pairs of 2 numbers or letters.
Please visit NCSU Technology Department website for help locating the MAC address on different devices.

Users bring devices at their own risk. NCSU Schools will not be liable for any device lost or damaged.
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If the device is a smartphone, please provide us with the phone number.
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Here is a document to help you locate your MAC address on your device:
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