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The board of the Science Student Union (LUNA) is currently investigating how good the students' opportunities are to study at different departments and faculties than the one their program belongs to.

We have during the autumn semester talked to directors of studies at all the different departments within the Faculty of Science and we are now going to investigate the student's perspective. We would like to know a bit of what the students within the faculty know about their opportunities to broaden their education. We would also like to know how broad you would like your education to be and what you are studying right now.

If you have any questions regarding this form or the work we do send an e-mail to

Which department does your program belong to? *
Do you want to study more outside of your department?
Could you comment on your previous answer?
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Do you feel that you have enough information regarding your opportunities in studying at other departments?
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Do you feel pressured to take courses in your field even though you can study outside of it?
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Are there courses that you want to take but can't due to requirements or due to other reasons?
If yes, what courses and why can't you take them?
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Where would you like to take /Where have you taken your optional courses?
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Are most of your courses at full-speed or half-speed?
Would you be interested in changing to the other pace? Why/why not?
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Would you be interested in taking programming courses?
If yes, what kinds of tasks would you like to use programming for?
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Do you feel that your study advisor can help you with studies at other departments?
If you have studied at other departements/faculties, have there been any issues?
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