Hemp Planting Report Form
Please file one planting report for each strain to be planted.

This will assist UDAF in creating a unique lot identification number to be used by UDAF, USDA, and FSA.

R68-24-5 (2). Reporting Requirements.
2) Within ten (10) days of planting the licensee shall submit a Planting Report, on a form provided by the department, which includes:
a) a list of all industrial hemp varieties and other plants in the growing area which were planted;
b) the actual acres planted or the seeding rate or number of clones planted in the growing area;
c) adjusted maps and global position coordinates for the area planted; and
d) the amount of seed that was not used.

By submitting this report you acknowledge that the information provided is accurate and will be used by the Department of Agriculture and Food to ensure program rules and regulations are followed.
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What Strain Is This Planting Report For? (One Application Per Strain. Ex: Abacus) *
Planting Quantity (Ex: 2000 plants) *
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License Number: (Utah License Look-up: ag.utah.gov -> Online Services -> License Look-up -> Industrial Hemp -> 8001 Growers, 8002 Processors) *
Growing Location Address or GPS Coordinates *
Storing, Drying, and Trimming Location Address or GPS Coordinates (If different then above growing location) *
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Types of Intended Use
Fiber – used for cloth, pressed plastics, ropes, animal bedding, paper, biofuel, packaging, concrete additives, spill cleanup
Grain – used for hemp hearts, crushed seed oil (NOT CBD), protein supplements (human or animal consumption)
Processing – grown for extraction of plant resin (which includes cannabidiol (CBD) and other phytocannabinoids) which is used in oils, lotions, cleansers, bath or other pharmaceutical or topical products
Seed – used for propagation stock, hybrids (non-human consumption)
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Planting Year *
Planting Period (If multiple growing cycles per year) *
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